My Long Ride Ahead of Me!!

The Long Ride Ahead of Me!!

My future is going to be full of ups, downs, and many adventures. One adventure is finding a job that I enjoy! Many of my friends say that I would be a great babysitter and I agree. I might be a babysitter for a high school job and in my free time, but I also want another job that pays me enough to take care of myself and for when I start a family. Some of my hobbies are taking care of kids, cooking, and animals. Some dream jobs are a teacher or pediatric nurse because these two jobs deal with kids and I love taking care of kids. Another option is a vet because I love animals especially dogs. I would also love to cook at a Bakery. Any of these jobs I would love to have!

Another adventure I have to go through is getting married and starting a family. I do not want a small family, a small family to me is one or two kids. I want a big family but not too big a family a too big to me is more than seven kids. My dream family is a perfect husband and three or four kids. There would be two girls and two boys and two of them are twins.

Our last major hurdle is finding a place to live. We would buy one or build one from the ground up. If I were to build my own house my dream house is a big house that we can afford and has a pool in the back yard. It has two floors the bottom floor has a family room, a kitchen, a dining room, To get to the top floor there is two flights of stairs and two elevators. The top layer of the house has one master bedroom and one master bathroom. Five other rooms for the kids and guests that visit and two other bathrooms. A TV and playroom where the kids can play and watch TV. The location would be near family which would be in Oklahoma or Virginia. I am looking forward to the long ride ahead of me!

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Where I am From Poem!

I am from Charlotte, Dan, and three annoying brothers.

I am from Gran’s cobblers and quilts: whose passing still makes me cry.

I am from generations, awesome memories, and a big and crazy family.

I am from the best family ever!!

      I am from Aunt Ina, who I see very little.

I am from Grandmother, who is an awesome baker,

from Grandad who is a fantastic tour guide!

I am from Mr. Kevin, who is like a human jungle gym!

I am from seven boys that annoy me and tackle me, although I love them so much!

I am from L dot and B dot.


I am from soccer and dance that I love so much

from watching my brothers play football every Saturday.

I am from watching my brother’s basketball games.

from playing outside when it is warm or when it’s snowing.

      I am from football on TV a lot,

from people cheering for different teams.

I am from the Houston Texans,

from the Dallas Cowboys,

from the New York Giants, and

the Denver Broncos!

      I am from a family with many traditions

from going to the beach every year.

I am from wearing matching pajamas on Christmas

from family coming in town for Christmas.


I am from family,friends, and making memories and

from the good times and the bad times that we get through together and……

so far in life,

I haven’t even made it halfway down the soccer field!

My Spring Break

Friday Flower


For Spring Break I am going to see my family in Oklahoma. I leave Tuesday, April 31, 2015. I haven’t seen most of them since 2013 when we went up during the summer. We are going to my cousin’s farm for Easter and we are having a big Easter egg hunt around the whole farm. After the egg hunt we are having a big and special dinner. I think I will have a awesome time seeing my family. If you are doing anything I hope it is wonderful!!

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A Mouth full!

Dogs are such a joy in life! They are so fun and they are like your siblings. I have had a dog ever since I was born but unfortunately he passed away last year. I really want another dog. My parents say we will eventually get another dog but I wold like to get one now not later. Dogs are truly the only pet that I would ever get!!

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